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0.1. How to create a website if you don't have one?

Create a website with Mondsol

In this part we only cover the basic in the case you don't have a website and you need to create one. In fact we have created a specific course with related intranet and project management called "how to create a site".

In the case you don't have a website and you need to make one there are several way you can do it:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Pay for someone who do it for you
1. In case you want to Do it yourself consider if you have all the skills required to build a website like:
  • web design with Photoshop, Dreamweaver or similar to create the graphic of the website 
  • web development with HTML, php and other languages you will need in order to create a website with open source solution like Joomla or Wordpress or tailor made website 
  • project management to follow all the steps and reach the goals
2. In case you pay for someone who do it for you you need to:
  • find the right cooperator as the most difficult challenge.
  • manage the project, the team and payments
  • learn on the go what has been done and how to maintain your website later on

Mondosol can help you to find right cooperators and manage this project for you. In fact we teach you everything we do so that you can manage yourself later on. Of course we create a website for you and help you to create a successful marketing. Look for more information on this website.


Create your own special traffic magnet website. Your site will be super search engine-friendly, 
professional-looking and best of all, it will capture leads and build your list of prospective customers with just the click of a few buttons


This is the first step to set up your special online marketing website. How is it special? 
• It’s designed to be super search-engine friendly. It includes all the elements that the search engines 
look for in a site so they can send traffic to it without hesitation. Instead of trying to trick Google, this 
marketing site works with Google to attract more search engine traffic.
• Your site provides valuable content and information your prospective customers want. Once they 
arrive at your site, they’ll love the information you give them so much, they will request more (by 
opting-in to get it).
• Your site captures leads and builds your list. Even if these people might not become your customer 
right off the bat, you can cultivate those relationships, follow up with them and eventually get them 
to buy.
• Finally, your site is special because you can build it with a few clicks and then come back later to 
customize it. What use to take weeks or even months can now get done in a day or less.

The Site Set-Up Process

Here is the process for setting up your lead capture Web site with the wizard in your Traffic Geyser 
1. Enter Your Business & Contact Info
2. Add Your Business Social Network Info 
3. Select Your Web Site Theme
4. Create Your Web Site
5. Claim Your Free Domain Name
6. Customize Your Web Site

(This process is detailed in the Express Lane Checklist, so make sure to download the PDF and follow along through the exact steps in order.)

What if You Already Have a Web Site?

In the majority of cases, it is better to create this site in addition to the one you already have. The 
reason for this is that this site will do the best possible job of capturing leads. It will be more efficient 
modifying your existing site.

You can link to your existing site from the “About Us” page of the lead capture site you build in Express Lane—especially if you sell products or services through that site.