2.3. What is your company market?

Before this tips, let's take a look to an evaluation of the actual marketing:

The market:

Example: Global interest in language learning is exploding. Trade, immigration and travel are conducted across countries and continents like never before in human history. The result is a powerful desire shared by people around the world to communicate with one another and understand different cultures. Not surprisingly, the size of the language learning market is estimated at a staggering $50 billion USD.

In a world hungry for new language skills, and increasing broadband Internet access and VOIP adoption, our mission is to provide a more accessible, affordable, and engaging way to learn a language. Mondelio allows people around the world to help each other with language learning, and provides our coaches with opportunities to learn and practice new languages together.

Geographic Market can be Italy, Norway, Brazil, USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa

Type of customers and their habits:

Example: Our potential customer is everybody who wants to learn a language and do educational travel. They have different motivation which identify the size of the investment. In fact the mass of people will buy the traditional book, dictionary, cd, DVD, or magazine for an amount of money from 40 to 1600 NOK. Instead just few people who are very motivated to learn a language because of for example their work, will take a course in private (or public) school spending an average of 2000 NOK.  

Customer profile:

Example: Our customers are everyone from 4 to 80+ years old all around the world, with good technology equipment and knowledge. They are usually women from 30 to 60 with good economy, interest for new cultures, with good education, and learning for pleasure travel of for their job and career.

In these 3 years, from 2008 to 2011, we have got customer for 95% in Italy, mainly Italian and some foreigners and 5% from different parts of the world. In this last year we have got some customers in Norway, only Norwegians. 

In Italy we are targeting more for languages and in Norway more for travel. The reason for this is that Italians have a big lack in foreign languages, and they need it mostly for work. Norwegians have a less need of languages, but have a great interest in traveling and to learn languages for pleasure.

In the next future (short time) we will focus on the Norwegian and Italian market, while in the long time we should penetrate the Asian market. 

Customers are people who wants to learn languages in fast, fun and efficient way and they have the economic resources to pay for this premium service. Ex: Sports athlete (soccer player who move to another country), actors,  businessmen, etc.. Customer like this can also give us more prestige on our website communication and image.

Customers are usually and mainly private people rather than businesses also because in a start up period it will be easier to market the consumers.

Customer payment records:

Example: In our experience we notice most of the customer just want to learn very quickly a language to have an idea and manage, spending little money. Our customers start with free or cheap lesson and buy a 30 lessons course of 4990 NOK once. In other case customer more motivated can purchase several packages and continue even for years. In the payment records we got people pay for the language course once and few others paid several months.