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2. How to distribute with Blog Sites?

Here is the normal procedure without any special automated tool but just manually.

  1. Publish the post on the Blog site
  2. There are several websites where it's possible to upload blog posts:
    1. www.blogger.com
    2. www.livejournal.com
    3. www.squidoo.com
    4. www.tumblr.com
    5. www.wordpress.com

Here instead is the automated method.

Take the video you made in the this step, and upload it to Traffic Geyser’s Media Manager. Then use the built-in Video Geyser to distribute it to several video sites. Placing your video on these important sites will:
  • Drive traffic back to your lead-capture page/website
  • Allow your business to more easily show up in online searches for your topic, product and/or service