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1.6. How to find alternates keywords?

Your Highly Difficult Keywords

Problem: You aren't getting any visits for these keywords and you will have a hard time ranking highly in the future, especially if you are a new inbound marketer. Those websites that do rank on the top page have high authority and will be difficult to beat!

How to fix:

  1. Find long-tail alternatives: Find long-tail alternatives: replace these keywords in your tracking with alternatives that have lower monthly search volume and lower difficulty. 
    Here are some long tail keywords:
    long tail keywords

  2. Throw caution to the wind: You can still try to go after these keywords, but you need to make sure you do everything right. Create content that follows all of our best-practice recommendations for on-page SEO and maybe (just maybe) you'll manage to draw some visits for this keyword.

How we determine which keywords are too difficult:

Rank is equal to 100 and
Difficulty is greater than 70 and
Searches is greater than10,000