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1.3. What to do with Low ranking keywords?

Problem: Your keywords are ranking in search results, but only barely. If you make it to page one, your visits may improve dramatically.

How to get there:

  1. Get inbound links: Generate more inbound links to the pages ranking for these keywords. Click here
  2. Improve on-page SEO: Click on each keyword to see which pages the keyword is ranking for, and to fix the SEO bits that need improvement. Click Here

How we determine which keywords you can rank for:

Rank is greater than 10 and  less than 70 
Difficulty is less than 70

Take the next step

  1. You can improve your chances of ranking for this keyword by using it in an original piece of content, such as a blog article.
  2. If this keyword is already driving traffic to your site, consider creating a landing page to customize the experience for those visitors and increase your conversion rates.