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3. How to use the social media to engage in conversations?

Engaging in social media conversations can help you build relationships with prospects, customers, and other industry professionals. Even if you're automatically posting your blog posts in social media, try to interact with others in social media at least 2-3 times per day.

1. Go to the Social Media Account or use tool like Hootsuite

You can find this tool under Mondosol shop > Social Media Product

Click here to start now

2. Filter by your favorite social media channels

Hootsuite pulls conversations from the following channels:
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Answers
  • YouTube
You can filter by channel by clicking on one of these channels in the right-hand column:

3. Choose a relevant conversation to engage with

Your social media feed will display conversations that include the terms you added in the "Customize Your Terms" tool. The keywords you entered are in bold.  Choose a conversation that you would like to interact with, and hover over that conversation to bring up the action buttons.

4. Interact with that relevant conversation

There are several ways to interact with each conversation.

How to Interact with Conversations

It's easy to share items on Twitter, Facebook. For example, you can simply click the retweet button, and the Tweet This lightbox will load so that you can edit the tweet if you'd like. If there's enough room within Twitter's 140 character limit, you could add some commentary to the beginning of the retweet, like in the example below.

How to Interact with Conversations

To interact with conversations from LinkedIn, blog comments, Yahoo Answers, and Youtube, simply click on the text of that conversation, and it will bring you to the conversation page on the corresponding social media site.

Keep in mind that you can still share conversations from LinkedIn Answers, blog comments, Yahoo Answers, and YouTube on your Twitter page, Facebook page, blog, and via email. It's also possible to let Mondosol take care of everything for you so that you can sit down on your sofa and drink a coke.

5. Regularly Interact in Social Media

The people following you on social media are the ones who will take the content you produce and spread it around the web. The more your content is spread around the web, the more Google will trust you - and rank you highly for keywords. So it's important to regularly publish content, interact, and build relationships with your followers.

Attracting a large following on social media takes months. Starting with the basics early on will pay off months down the line! Remember that when you're interacting you want to offer insightful, useful information in your interactions and don't just go on about yourself.