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1. How to set up your social media tools & link your social media accounts?

If you have accounts on social media sites already (such as Twitter or Facebook), you should integrate them with several tools to control all your accounts like Hubspot Adding your social media accounts to these tools allows you to do a few things:
  • Automatically share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Easily share stories and conversations you find through our Social Media tool on your profiles from within HubSpot, so there's no jumping back and forth
  • View your "reach," or overall number of followers, over time
Here's how to integrate your social media profiles with HubSpot:

1. Go to your Social Media Accounts

Login on Hootsuite and enter all your social media accounts into the dashboard and I found don't know how to do it, in Mondosol we have the best consultant that can take good care of you..

2. Connect your social media accounts

To link your Twitter, Facebook fan page, and LinkedIn accounts to Hootsuite, click the Add button at the top of the screen.

Then click on the profile you'd like to link next.
  • Twitter - connects to your Twitter profile. You can publish content to your Twitter account and display it on your Follow Me module.
  • Facebook - connects to your Facebook profile so that HubSpot can detect which fan pages you're an administrator of. Note: we must connect with your Facebook personal profile first, in order to detect which fan page you're an administrator of. Once you connect with your personal profile, you will be able to connect with your fan page, as shown in step #3. We will not publish anything to your personal profile without you specifically opting in. For more details, click here. You can publish content to your Facebook account and/or pages, and display your account and/or pages on your Follow Me module.
  • YouTube - connects to your YouTube account to display on your Follow Me module.
  • LinkedIn - connects to your personal LinkedIn account. You can publish content to your personal LinkedIn account, and then you can choose a business page to display on your Follow Me module.
  • Google+ - connects to your Google+ account to display on your Follow Me module. Enter just the number of your Google+ ID; do not include https://plus.google.com/.
  • Pinterest - connects to your Pinterest board to display on your Follow Me module.

3. Modify your settings for each social media profile

Now that you've linked your social media accounts to HubSpot, you can select exactly how you want HubSpot to interact with each profile. There are four selections to make:
  • Reach - Add your followers on this profile to your Analyze > Reach report
  • Blog Auto Publish - Automatically publish your new blog posts to this social media profile. *Note - If you're still waiting for your site to be migrated, wait until after the migration is completed to turn this on; otherwise you might accidentally auto-publish tests posts by HubSpot's migration team!
  • Follow Me - Add this social media profile to your Follow Me widget

To enable these actions, simply check off the action under each profile. For example, you might not want Hootsuite to interact with your personal Facebook page, but you do for your business page. In that case, uncheck all items under your personal page, and check all items under your business page.