2.4.7. How To Use Skype For Online Videos?

It's an ideal way to create video interview. 
You need to understand:
  • how to use lighting
  • positioning the laptop or camera so it doesn't seems you are looking down on your screen
  • what to use as audio
  • what to dress (never have square or lines texture on your clothes or creates bad effects)
  • background
  • what you want to answer to the questions of an interview. One of the goal is to position yourself as an expert or authority to show to people that you have manage and they can do it too.


Front face and not back because it will create a silhouette or shadow and drive the viewer away.


Put the camera or the computer pointing to your forehead so it doesn't look you are looking down. 


Use one of the ear plugs to wear from behind. Ideally you will have an external microphone (Yedi bue Microphone), It's important to remember to use the front and not the top of the microphone. 


Don't dress top parts with horizontal stripes, jewelery (make it cheap if you are a man and distract the audience even if you are a woman).


Make sure you don't have some junk on your back but some bookshelf, poster. 

Questions and Answers.

How are you? I am ....I am from ... and I am the founder of ....
What do you do? I help small business grow by doing ...
Who do you do it for? (If you did not answer before) I work with ....and I sell this kind of a product or service...
How much does that cost? I do .... for $$$$ per month using this tool ....
How are you using Instant customer or another tool? Ex: We are using for capture leads and automated the sales.

Before what where you doing? It can be nothing or We were doing this little $$$$ per month
After What did you do with Instant Customer? We implement IC to create an automated webinar or something like that and now the results are ....

The viewer can see and identify with you that move from 0 to something in a short time with great results. The viewer can think: Me like you I can do it. 

How long did it take? It took me ....  to set up and 
Knowing what you know now how long will it take? It only take me about .. because now I understand 
What are the results you have received so far? .....
What else are you using IC or another tool for? (It will give you an opportunity to talk about what you can do with these tools, some other ways you or the viewer can make money).