2.4.6. How to make a video testimonial?

Why you should have it.

If you can capture how your product, service or you can change the life of one of our customer and you  share with others as form of social proof, more people will believe and trust our company and buy from us. 

"People will do things that they see other people are doing it"

Robert Cialdini, expert on psycology of persuasion.

Endorsement from nobody is not good. You don't want that just nobody suggest what to do if they are not a star. 

Step by step:

  1. Humanize the testimonial with Name
  2. Where they live
  3. What do they do for living
  4. Personal weakness (Ex Just 8 weeks ago I was embarrassed because of my weight, or I was over $4000 in my bank account) that connect with most people looking.
  5. Product testimonial. 
  6. Length of use (Ex how much the testimonial has use the product and get results)
  7. Financial or Income claiming. (Ex "Using that product or your company I made $2000 ..."). Be careful with this one and consult with your lawyer.
  8. Personal benefit. (Before and After)
  9. Sell the hole not the features. (Ex Sell a story about how our company has benefit that person). Talk what about their life will be. 
  10. Mary Key:
    1. Is it easy?
    2. Does it work?
    3. Can I do it?

Tips and requirement

  1. Don't buy fancy equipment. > Go with mobile or tablet. Get an external micro like livelier. Quite environment
  2. Customer needs to be real. 
  3. No Bull shit
  4. Precise numbers, in how many minutes they received a benefit. > Avoid financial claiming
  5. Let clients get their time. > Don't force someone to be something else
  6. NEVER SCRIPT A CLIENT > use bullet points.
  7. Don't let client advertise their business or website. People are going to be confused. Keep clear and simple
  8. Picture before and after. > Use screen capture
  9. Keep it short.
  10. Check your light > no one standing in front of the light.
  11. Shoot in the quiet room
  12. Know the difference between endorsement and testimonial