2.4.5. How to Get Your Point Across to Any Personality Type?

Here is how to communicate with a large amount of people by answering four basic questions.
By Alex Mendoza. 

How we learn

  1. We have concrete experience
  2. We reflect on the experience
  3. We create abstract concept based in that experience
  4. We test the abstract concepts.
Ex. You are driving a car, and you follow asleep. So you have almost crashed.This is your own experience. Than you gonna think: I was closed, wow!". This is the observation. You start to think: "Maybe I should stop and rest for a little bit." This is the abstract concept thinking on the experience. Next time you feel tired you gonna stop and rest for a while. This the test on the abstract concept.

4 Different type of personality that learn differently and to get their attention you need to talk differently:

  1. Sales
  2. Scholastics
  3. Technicals
  4. Marketers

Sales personality:

  • Persuader. Low patience
  • Motivators
  • 35% of the population
  • They ask for WHY

Scholastic personality:

  •  They focus on objectives and outcome
  • 18% of the population
  • They ask for WHAT FOR

Technical personality:

  • Process and operations
  • 25% of the population
  • They ask for HOW

Marketer personality:

  • They are creative
  • Focun on opportunity
  • 20% of the population
  • They ask WHAT IF
EX: Buy my produtc > The sales person ask WHY should I buy it.  > Answer with benefit like this product will bring you happiness, look more attractive, save you a lot of time, make your life easier, save you and earn you more money..
The scholastic will ask WHAT for should I buy this product. > Answer with practical results, how they can do it too, better, cheaper, and give all technical details, 
The technical will ask HOW this product works > Answer with process, systems, features, how is made, what is in it, so like this is how this product work and produce results.
The marketers will ask WHAT IF use this product for ... > Answer with suggestion on how they can use this product, to make money for example. 

You need to answer these questions:

  1. Why you should buy it
  2. How it will benefit you
  3. What this product will do
  4. What it will accomplish
  5. How it does what it does
  6. Creative things you can do