2.4.3. How to create The 10 x 10 x 4 Content Creation Formula?

How to build your list and create fantastic content that people want to watch without getting in trouble with search engine because is genuine and not sales content.Help to create video content that people like.

In this way producing video content kws loaded on the title, description, etc will help people found it and ultimately connect with your website and company. Creates enough seed so people will find them.

Couple of examples:

  • 10 Faq (frequently asked questions). For example which camera they should buy in order to shoot a video. Which type of camera work best. What are the different models. How much money they should invest?
  • 10 Saq (should asked questions). For example Let me tell you the most important detail you want to look for a camera.
  • 4 video with offer like: 
    1. Call To action to free content that can be less than 15 sec video or a slide. Add to the end of each content video (20 questions) with a link to your website
    2. Lead page with TG or IC. Include a Headline, video, Bullets points and Opt in form connected with the Autoresponder. The Lead page video can be like : Hi, my name is Elio Mondello and I would like to give you all my 20 free videos of how to learn a language in 10 months. All you need to do is to entered your contact information and I see you on the other side." Add a bonus like transcribed video into ebook. 
    3. Thank you video, that is found on thank you page and says: "Hi thank you for entering your  contact information in the . Check your email because I have send you the Free 20 videos in how to learn a language in 10 months." 
      >>Email autoresponder, sending the link to the ebook or video series connected to a blog. Make a blog because you can let people consume free video, they can leave comments and include headline, copy, comments and links. It's also possible to create an about page.
      On this video you can ask people to do something more like buy, call, survey, etc.
    4. Buy my stuff video. Found on the about page or any other where you describe your products and services and ask to take action (buy, call, survey). 
  • Make content video and not sales, with providing the best secrets you can.
  • Make it shot 1-3 minutes
  • If you are a pro max 10 min
  • Later sending those videos you can send a link to an on demand or recorded web or tele seminar. 30% more sales on the spot, when the lead is hot. Remember to have a sale offer ready for it.
  • Make it possible for people to embed our video so we can get traffic and more customers from other people using leverage.
  • Make a podcast with TG and put it on itunes and other.
  • Distribute your content on social media and bookmarking. 
  • Transcribe the video into an ebook or article and submitted it into article sites. 
  • Make the video downloadable on local device like computer, tablet or mobile.
  • Make Interview with events also by using mobile phone to shot video on a local event. Or make videos about cooking, home improvements or anything else that can be interesting. Turn your life into a laboratory because people love to discover your life.
  • If someone doesn't buy in the first place, send them some more email, sign up for an affiliate program and sell someone else products. Survey the list and gather information on why they did not buy or what are they most interested on.With the survey results make a productLicense content where you can ask for someone else product to give you access as a private label for a fix price and you can sell to all your customer and keep the money. Look for complimentary non competitive products. Make offers and money.

Elio Mondello Anza,
Dec 19, 2012, 10:35 AM
Elio Mondello Anza,
Dec 19, 2012, 10:25 AM