2.4.1. How to be comfortable on camera?

In this discussion you can learn how to be comfortable, real, natural and your customer don't wanna buy from you but have a relationship with you.

Reputation is the most important.

It's important in this relationship society, to connect with contacts.

Welcome to the Hero economy. 

If you want to connect with prospect you need to show that you care about them and give them a platform where they can express it.

Hero creation:

  • Hope > they hope to get something from you
  • Inspiration > testimonial or something to inspire them
  • Motivation > oush them to do something
  • Transformation > see and feel the changes in their lifes.
  • Transcedence > customer become referral, they are your ambassador

The new currency

  • Authenticity > individual can have more value than a brand. Ex, people don't like phone or air comapnies because they don't care about them.
  • Being raw
  • Being real
  • Being vulnerable > using story telling

Practice Empathy

  • Speak to one > talk with specific customers and to everyone
  • Focus on your best customer > talk about them, their life, their family, and speak directly to them. Try to bound with them and turning into a company prove.

Speak from the heart

  • Breathe
  • Hold your hand over your heart
  • Speak to one you love best or your best customer
  • Tell stories of transformation > tell about your perfect customer story and about their transformation.

Think like a Producer

  • Keep it brief > what's in it for me. 
  • Get to the point > Ex Thank you for coming and watching my video, In the next couple of minutes you gonna learn how to be comfortable on camera even if you never been on camera before.
  • Tell told, tell
  • 30 seconds gem 
  • Easy to edit
  • Watch morning TV news
  • Hook > have a little thing, like a story that grabs people's attention

How do you get Practice

  • "Theater of mind" > Read "Think and grow Rich"
  • Imagine yourself on stage
  • Learn how to speak
  • Get in state before going to bed > Write bullets point on what you want to share on the video. Practice it on your mind. 
Get Story, Create Story > Read Nancy Duarte "Resonate", Carmine Gallo "The secrets of Steve Jobs", Ted.com "Tedtalks". Look at Jesus, Mohamed, Politicians, they all talk about stories and transformation.