2.4. How to create videos?

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When we make video we should think HOW to motivate our potential customer to buy our products or services.
Here we give you an example.
Our potential customers in Mondosol are:
  1. Man and specially women from 20 to 45 years old who needs to learn languages for example for pleasure or business
  2. Man and women from 50+ interested in learning languages and educational travel
  3. Immigrants or people moving to another country who needs to learn languages because they have to integrate and get money
  4. Everyone looking for a job who can learn with us and get a job
In the concept videos and in the text we should push on the economic crises and how to difficult is to get a job. In the video we should show to people that they need to learn languages and move to other countries to get money.

In Traffic Geyser Express lane you will find all the information here. In order to access you need to have login credential so if you don't have it ask your manager.

Here is the Step by step process to create one video for press release:
  • Watch Your Traffic Magnet Video overview in Step 4 of the Express Lane program
  • Download the Video News Release Script Template
  • Customize your video news release script using the template
  • Watch “How to record your video news release” video 
  • Record your video news release and edit it by adding your traffic magnet Website address 
    to the video
Here is the link to video explanation on how to create several video called the 10x10x4 formula. In the attachment you also find a worksheet to help you with the creation process.
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