2.2. How to create an ebook?

Get prospective customers to give you their contact information in exchange for free content (in the form of a report or guide).
Give Away Something People Want
When it comes to buying online, most people are skeptical. They want to get to know you and your company—and trust you—before they buy. So you have to build a list of these prospects and connect with them over time.This is KEY to successfully growing your business with online marketing.Start building your list by giving away a free guide or report about your area of expertise.In exchange for this helpful information, prospective customers are going to give you their contact details. Depending on your offer, you can get their name, mobile phone number or just their email address. It’s up to you.

Your Complimentary Free Report


We’ve already prepared free reports for a number of industries. Choose one that fits your business, customize it and then upload it to your Traffic Geyser account. We’ll convert it to a hyperlinked PDF that you can share within your email autoresponder sequence. We’ll cover that in the next step.