How to track social media traffic using the Sources Report?

You already know how to track the success of your own social media efforts using the Reach chart in the Analyze menu. Now you'll learn how to track which social media channels are sending you the most traffic and leads.

1. Go to the Sources Report

You can find the Sources report under Analyze > Sources

2. Select a Date Range

Above the Sources graph, you can select a time range that you're interested in analyzing. Select "1m" to see how you've been trending for the last one month.
02 select date range

3. Filter by Social Media

In the filters to the right of the Sources graph, click "Social Media."
01 social media filter

4. Compare Performance of Social Media Channels

Scroll down below the graph to see the data for each social media site bringing you traffic, leads, and customers.
02 compare social media channels

5. Create a Plan Based on Observations

  • If you see that a particular social media site is sending you quality traffic and leads, you should focus your attention on participating more on that site.
  • Ask yourself what it is about that site or your actions on it that could be responsible for your success there.
  • If you can, replicate what you’re doing there on other social media sites!