How to use The Analysis Exchange?

The Analysis Exchange is an effort designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for aspiring web analytics professionals while providing free web data analysis to the entire nonprofit community. The effort works by connecting organizations, mentors, and student participants:

    Projects are designed to be completed in around three weeks. Nonprofits and mentors will spend fewer than five hours on each project. The Analysis Exchange is 100 percent free for everyone!

    The completed details are available in our short introductory video with Analysis Exchange Executive Director Wendy Greco. Watch the Analysis Exchange introduction video.

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    Who Supports the Analysis Exchange?

    Analysis Exchange is generously sponsored in part by IQ WorkforceObservePoint, and Web Analytics Demystified. Our partnership with IQ Workforce allows us to make sure that our mentors and students get the best possible guidance as they move up and around in the web analytics field, and that they are recognized for their efforts in the Exchange.

    How Does the Exchange Work?

    The entire process takes about three weeks:

    1. Students, mentors, and organizations join The Analysis Exchange
    2. Organizations create a project (video explanation)
    3. Students and mentors respond that they are interested in the project
    4. The parties agree on a reasonable project and timeline
    5. The mentor guides the student's work and proofreads the final product
    6. The student and mentor present the analysis back to the organization
    7. All three parties will evaluate each other's effort

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    Want to Know More?

    If you want to know more you can explore this web site, read Eric T. Peterson's blog posts about the Analysis Exchange, follow us in Twitter, or contact us directly.