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1. How to measure your site traffic

One of the most important parts of inbound marketing is measure the progress of your marketing campaigns and optimizing accordingly. You should monitor traffic coming into your site on a daily or weekly basis.

Measure Your Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic consists of website visitors you generate from search engines’ natural listings. As you optimize pages on your website and blog for long-tail keywords, you’ll start to see an increase in organic traffic. Keep track of which keywords are generating the most traffic for your site:
  • Branded terms – keywords including your company or product names
  • Unbranded terms – industry or problem-based terms

Over time, you should look to increase the amount of traffic coming in through unbranded terms, so that new people that aren’t already familiar with your site can start finding you.

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Measure Marketing Campaign Traffic

For any marketing campaigns you have running, you should be using tracking URLs so that you can track how much traffic you’re getting from referring websites. Each link that you place on an external site should have a tracking URL associated with it, especially if you spent any of your marketing budget for ad placement.

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Once you have tracking URLs in place, you'll be able to see which of your marketing campaigns are effectively generating traffic, and which aren't. Then you can determine if your ad buys achieved positive ROI, and discontinue any ads that aren't worth the investment.

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Measure Your Social Media Traffic

It’s important to track the amount of traffic you’ve been able to generate from different social media channels so that you can decide where to focus your efforts moving forward. If you’re generating more traffic from Facebook than Twitter, then you may want to focus more of your marketing efforts on Facebook.

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Here's some schemes to follow to measure traffic.