How to track the progress of your marketing campaigns using the Sources report?

Now that you know how to create a tracking URL for your marketing campaign you want to track the success of that campaign. HubSpot's Sources tool lets you do this.

1. Go to the Sources Report

You can find the Sources report under Analyze > Sources.
analyze sources

2. Select a Date Range

Select your date range of interest above the Sources graph.
01 select date range

3. Choose Sources Segment to Analyze

There are four different possible sections into which your tracking URL might be categorized:
  • Paid Search - tracked here if you used the word "ppc," "cpc," or "adwords" in your tracking URL campaign source
  • Email Marketing - tracked here if you used the word "email" in your tracking URL campaign source
  • Social Media - tracked here if you use the name of the social media site (e.g. "twitter") in your tracking URL campaign source
  • Other Campaigns - tracked here if none of the above words were used in the tracking URL campaign source.
Click here to see the full technical details on how HubSpot organizes what traffic goes where in Sources.

If you haven't yet received any traffic that fits into a category you won't see it listed. The categories appear when you get traffic that belongs in them.

4. View a Segment of Sources

In the filters to the right of the Sources graph, select Other Campaigns, Paid Search, Email Marketing, or Social Media to see the results of your Tracking URLs.
02 other campaigns

See how much traffic and how many leads you got from a campaign.
describe the image

Tip: Sources can also tell you how many customers you got from a specific campaign if you close leads as they become customers in the Lead Management tool.

5. Develop an Optimization Plan Based on Observations

If the numbers aren't what you'd like to see, think about what you can do to improve the campaign. Getting lots of traffic to your landing page but few leads? That means your landing page is likely in need of improvement. Hardly any traffic to your landing page in the first place? Then your offer/CTA is in need of a tweak.