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4. How to create a monthly marketing report?

One of the most challenging aspects of any marketing campaign is proving its success.

By creating a monthly marketing report, you'll be able to draw conclusions on what's working in your inbound marketing strategy, and what needs furthur improvements.

1. Analyze your personalized monthly marketing report

Each month, you will receive an email from HubSpot containing your personalized marketing report. Click Download Full Report in this email to download the report in a PowerPoint format so you can easily present your monthly results to your team.

*Note: This report will only be correctly be generated if you have the HubSpot tracking code installed on your site.For instructions on how to install this javascript, click here.


2. Add slides to your monthly marketing report

Here are some recommendations on additional data you can include in your report:

Monthly Traffic Breakdown. Go to Analyze > Sources and click on the 1 month timeframe. Take a screenshot of the graph and include it in your report.

Organic Traffic Breakdown. Go to Analyze > Sources. After clicking the 1 month timeframe, click the Organic Search filter. Take a screenshot of your top 10 traffic-generating keywords and include it in your report.

Lead Nurturing Data. Go to Convert > Lead Nurturing. Click Reports under one of your campaigns. Take a screenshot of any portion of the data you'd like to share in your monthly report.

Progress against competitors. Go to Analyze > Competitors. Click View Trends at the top of the page. in theView dropdown at the top of the page, the most useful reports are Linking Domains and Indexed Pages. Click on either of these, and take a screenshot of the graph to add to your monthly report.


3. Save your report and distribute to your team

What you decide to include in your monthly marketing report should depend on your own company's goals. Remember to include your recommended next steps based on the data. It's great to know what's working and what's not, but you'll make the biggest impact (and impression on your boss) by making insightful recommendations based on the data to your team. Save your PowerPoint and deliver it in a presentation or distribute it to your coworkers via email.