8. Can I host my own signup form?

If you're an advanced user and host your own custom signup forms, you can link those forms to MailChimp in order to pass subscriber information back to your lists.

For this data to submit properly, there are a few key bits of code from your MailChimp signup form that will need to be added to your hosted form. You'll want to ensure that sure that the form actionuser IDlist ID, and input name elements on your custom form match those found on your MailChimp signup form.

To grab this code:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page in your MailChimp account.
  2. Click on the Forms link for the list you're working with.
    Forms LinkForms Link
  3. Select the Share It tab.
    Share It tabShare It tab
  4. Click on the Subscribe Form URL link to bring up your form in a separate tab or window of your browser.
  5. In the new browser tab or window, right-click (control + click in Mac OSX) to view a context menu in the browser.
  6. Select the option to view the page source.
  7. Find the form action and field information in the form's HTML:
    Form CodeForm Code
  8. Copy/paste the form action code to your hosted form. The first value beneath the form action URL is an identifier to link to your MailChimp account. The second value is your list's unique id. Both values are necessary to make sure your form submits to the proper list.
  9. Locate each of the form's field inputs and copy/paste the "name" for each input to the corresponding field in your custom form.

Test your hosted form by filling out all fields and subscribing to your list.

Want to host your own unsubscribe forms too? Go to Lists > Forms > For Your Website > Unsubscribe Link Code. Copy and paste the unsubscribe URL into your browser's address bar and head back to step 6 above.