7. How can I create my sign up form?

Whenever you create a list in MailChimp, we automatically create a signup form for you. On the Lists page in your account, click the forms link for the list you're working with to be taken to your signup form. Here's what the basic form looks like when you first create a list:

On this page, you'll see four tabs:

  1. The build it tab for adding fields and setting up your list.
  2. The design it tab for customizing the style and colors on your form.
  3. The translate it tab to enable or customize translations for your signup form and response emails.
  4. The share it tab with various options for sharing your signup form.
Tabs for List FormsTabs for List Forms

Learn more about customizing your forms here, including information about editing fields, and designing your form.

Sharing Your Forms

Once you've customized your form, or if you're happy with the default set up, MailChimp offers a few different ways to share your form so you can increase your subscribers! The share it includes:

  • A subscribe form URL that you can copy and paste into your current email program or that you can paste on your website, social networking sites, or even include in printed materials.
  • Twitter and Facebook buttons to automatically share the link on one of these social networks.
  • Quick links to various sizes of a scannable QR code to include on your printed materials to increase on location signups.
  • A code snippet that you can paste in your HTML to link to your signup form.
  • A button to create HTML code for a smaller form that you can embed on your website if you want more than just a link. Click here for more information about adding your signup form to your site.
get a link or code for your signup formget a link or code for your signup form

Other Ways to Sign Up

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