4. How to import your list?

In Mailchimp to import the contacts is possible to 

    In this moment in Mail chimp we have one full list of more than a 1000 contacts imported from Elio's contacts. One with 41 contacts imported from the google spreadsheet "Enquiry form".

    It's missing the list to import from the google spreadsheet "Richiesta Informazioni" and also all lists need to be updated or even better with the Mondelio IT we need to integrate with the API the sign up forms. 

    Now that you’ve got your list all set up, it’s time to import your subscriber's into the list. There are four ways to do it:

    1. Upload a CSV fileUpload a CSV file.
    2. Copy/paste from ExcelCopy/paste from Excel.
    3. Import directly from other apps like Google Docs, Salesforce, Highrise and more.Select the import option you'd like.
    4. Start a list from scratch.

      Set up your list with the email address in one column, and any other data you want to include in separate columns. Like this:

      Start a list from scratch.

      Just select the import option you’d like and follow the easy steps.

      Now that your list is imported, we’ll help you set the name and content type for each column—we call it mapping. Use the pull-down menu above each column to set the field name and type. Once you’ve mapped your fields, click the All done button to complete the import.

      Name each column.