1. How to integrate your CRM with your leads?

Why Your Should Integrate Your CRM With Your Autoresponder?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software that you can use to keep records of your potential and real customers. It's a good think to integrate the CRM with your software to send emails.

In Mondosol we use Insightly as CRM and we know also Salesforce and others. Like autorespoder we use Instant Customer that integrate with more than 200 software.

The reason why you should integrate your CRM and autoresponder is because:

  • Salespeople in your organization will be able to access and use Instant Customer's lead intelligence on workable leads within your CRM environment, without having to log into Instant Customer.
  • Marketers in your organization can analyze which marketing campaigns are most effective at generating customers, so that you can measure which campaigns have a positive ROI and which don't. This method of tracing success back to campaign sources is known as "closed loop" marketing analytics, and is unique to Instant Customer.

How Does it Work?

1. Conversion: Leads convert by filling out a form on your website, which can be either Instant Customer landing pages, exported Instant Customer forms, or your own forms where the lead data is passed into Instant Customer via our API. You can also import the leads into Instant Customer.

2. CRM Transfer: Once the leads are in Instant Customer, the leads are then transferred to your CRM system with the lead intelligence that Instant Customer provides. The leads will be duplicated from those already in your CRM system by the lead's Instant Customer ID and email address.

3. Sales Rep Assignment: Leads will then be routed to the appropriate sales reps on your team based on your lead assignment rules in your CRM system.

4. Closed Won: After your sales team converts the lead to an opportunity and then closes that opportunity, the lead record in Instant Customeris marked "Closed Won." This will be represented in Instant Customer's analytics as a customer, those "closing the loop" on the initial lead record.

5. Closed-Loop Analytics: The marketing team will then be able to analyze which sources, campaigns, keywords, etc. are the best at driving customers, in addition to traffic and leads.

CRM Integration Features

Specific details about each lead will be transferred from the Instant Customer system to the lead and contact records on your CRM system, including:
  • All Standard Fields: first name, last name, email, phone numbers, address data, company name, industry, etc.
  • Found Website Via: the source by which the lead initially found the website, such as “organic search” or “twitter”
  • First Visit Date
  • First Conversion Event & Date
  • Last Conversion Event & Date
  • Lead Grade: a proprietary score that Instant Customer assigns to each lead
  • Link to Lead’s Twitter Account: if available from Instant Customer form submission
  • Link to Lead Data on Instant Customer: a link to the lead data that individuals within your organization can access without logging in to Instant Customer
  • Customer form data: any other custom form data submitted
  • Number of Conversion Events: number of times the lead has converted