2. How to create an offer to re-engage existing leads?

The first step in the process of re-engaging your existing leads is creating a simple yet enticing offer. If the offer seems exclusive to them (since they already are your leads, so don't they deserve something special?), they'll be more likely to engage with your site in exchange for the offer. This offer should be broad, appealing to as much of your audience base as possible. 

How Offers Help Re-engage your Leads

For this exclusive offer that you create, you should be setting up the following elements:
  • One-off email - this will be sent to all the leads you've got, advertising your exclusive offer
  • Landing Page - where you link to an offer via email or lead nurturing campaign to prompt your existing leads to reconvert
  • Form - where you collect the visitor's contact information in exchange for the promised offer.
  • Thank You Page - where new leads are sent after submitting their form info. This page includes the promised offer and CTAs leading to different offers/landing pages further along the buying cycle

Re engagement Conversion Path

After a user fills out the form, they will join the behavior-based lead nurturing campaign that you will set up, which will continue automating the sales cycle for you.

What You Should Offer

Remember, since this offer is being sent to existing leads in your database, the offer should be different from the offers you'll create to generate brand new leads. This offer should have a more exclusive feel to it, so leads feel that by NOT taking advantage of the offer, they'd be missing out on an exclusive opportunity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Discounts
  • Free consultation
  • Free trial
  • Free samples
  • Free content (remember, exclusive!)
  • Contests (for exclusive prizes)