2. How to create an email message?

In Mailchimp we can create a message on campaign or autoresponder.
Our template for messages is called "basic". It automatically insert Mondelio logo on the top of the message.

We have created messages for "welcomeoffer", "offertadibenvenuto", "howtolearnalanguage" and "comeimparareunalingua".
We have also suspended the daily lesson, we have to think about new campaigns.

There are problems on the campaign welcome offer, because people don't book lessons with teachers. There is a link problem because in the autoresponder message n.3 (look in mail chimp) we have put a link that doesn't work. We should have a link to a page with all teachers where the people can choose the teacher relating to the subject they want to learn.
They should see the teacher calendar.

It's better to create personalized email message (autoresponder) for each list (see this discussion), so for example people who register with us and want to learn English will receive the welcome offer in English language (for now and in the future in their language) to learn English.
Example on how to personalised the message:
" Thank you for choosing us to learn a language for free.

   Mondelio Education is a part of the non profit organization called Mondelio,
   that includes also Mondelio Travel that organize educational guided tours.
   In Mondelio Education you can learn several languages, like English, German,
   Italian, Norwegian and much more with the help of a personal teacher.
To start your free (insert the language the customer want to learn) lesson, there are 4 easy steps to follow:
   1- Do a free  (insert the language the customer want to learn) test;
   2- Book a free  (insert the language the customer want to learn) lesson with one of our teachers;
   3- Prepare yourself to start to learn  (insert the language the customer want to learn);
   4- Now you’re ready to travel to the country where they speak the  (insert the language the customer want to learn)!
Elio Mondello Anza,
Dec 18, 2012, 8:57 AM